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The database Reference USA is a great criss-cross directory for all of the United States.  If you have a Pima County Public Library card, you can use this database online from home.

First, go to the PCPL web site at:  In the blue bar across the top, click on "Find Info."  Click on "Business."  Click on "Business Directories."  Near the bottom of the page is "Library Resources" and ReferenceUSA.

Not only does Reference USA cover all of the United States, but you can enter partial names and addresses and still get the information needed.

Example:  Looking for a Robert who lives on Fort Lowell in Tucson.  Go to the residential search, select custom search.  Use the identifiers, "first name", "address", "city" and "state."  When you get the search you can type in Robert, Fort Lowell, Tucson, and Arizona.  You will end up with a list of Roberts who live on the street Fort Lowell in Tucson.  


You can use database ReferenceUSA.

You can call PCPL Infoline Telephone number: (520) 791-4010 to "criss-cross" up to three addresses or telephone numbers.

PCPL maintains a historical collection of Tucson City Directories at the Joel D. Valdez Main Library, 101 N. Stone.  Telephone: (520) 791-4010.

The Main Library has a collection of old Tucson city directories and Criss-Cross Tucson directories in print. Also, the Main Library has microfilms of old Tucson city directories from 1899-1935.

There are gaps in PCPL Historic Tucson City Directory collection. There will always be some years that PCPL is missing in the collection.  

This is caused by two reasons: 

1.   The Tucson City Directories are not published every year.

2.  Copies of the Criss-Cross directory were only available as rentals in past years. After the rental year, PCPL had to send the book back to the publisher.


Phoenix Public Library does not answer City Directory questions.  There is a fee service for this at: 900-555-5665.

The Pima County Public Library does not have a Phoenix city directory or criss-cross. You can search Phoenix Information by using ReferenceUSA.


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