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Vehicle Donations
A summary of the law pertaining to individuals donating their vehicle to an organization is: taxpayer needs to make sure they are donating their vehicle to a qualified organization, they must receive a written acknowledgment from the charity, and they must keep records, and properly assess the fair market value of their vehicle. Details are in the IRS' 6-page Publication 4303 - A Donor’s Guide to Car Donations at 
Charities seeking guidelines on the subject will find them in the IRS' 6-page Publication 4302 - A Charity’s Guide to Car Donations found at 
Charities in Tucson that accept vehicles:
 American Cancer Society--Cars for a Cure
Toll free Telephone: (800) ACS-2345
What they take: Cars and trucks, motorcycles, newer RVs and boats on trailer running or not.   Vehicles must have four inflated tires and available keys and be in at least fair condition. 
American Diabetes Association
Toll free Telephone: (800) ADA-6570
What they take: Cars, trucks, trailers, boats and RVs. 
American Heart Association
Toll free Telephone: (888) 242-2271
What they take:  Cars, trucks, boats, planes or motorcycles.  Vehicle must be whole, though it need not run.  Vehicle must have a clear title in your name.
Arizona Council for the Blind
Toll free Telephone: (800) 320-3746
What they take:  Cars, boats, RVs.
Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Tucson
Telephone: (520) 624-2447
What they take:  Cars. 
Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona
Toll free Telephone: (800) 269-6814
What they take: Cars, boats, RVs.
Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona
1940 E. Silverlake Road; 623-5174 (call first)
What they take:  Cars, running or not (in addition to clothes and other items.
Junk for Hope
4650 N Flowing Wells Rd, Tucson, AZ 8570, (877) 791-1138
What they take:  Cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, motor homes, mobile homes and all other donations.
“Heaps of charity can turn tricky.” Arizona Daily Star August 22, 2004. Page D1.
Research by Main Library Reference Staff, January 2010. 


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