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Tucson City Limits

To find Tucson city limits going back to 1950:
  • The City of Tucson Transportation Department has a site listing all annexations for the City of Tucson from its incorporation through the most recent annexation.  Unfortunately, the boundaries of each annexation are shown separately, so you would not be able to see the entire city limits after each annexation.  Here is the link to that site: 
  • The Transportation Department has an online map which includes annexations: (click on table of contents and turn on annexations under the “general reference” tab).  When you click on annexations, all annexations are shown.  You could “select” all annexations up to the year you are interested in to see what the city limits looked like for that year.  Under general reference you can also see the city limits as of October 1953 (this particular date is important for some zoning matters).
  • You might also try contacting the Department of Transportation to see if they have paper maps available showing the city limits at various time periods.  Their contact info can be found here: 

 Source:   PCPL staff, 2012   

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