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What to Expect in Court

Do you have a court date scheduled in Tucson or Pima County? Here are some resources to help you know what to expect.

Arizona State Courts

Guide to Arizona Courts

Published by the Arizona Judicial Branch, this website provides information on topics including the movement of different types of cases through the legal system, serving as a juror, and legal terminology (provides a legal glossary).

AZ Law Help

Legal Basics--Courts, a website that provides Arizona-focused legal resources, has compiled a FAQ page with information on basic court procedures.

Court Information—Arizona Resources

This page contains additional links and information about going to court in the state of Arizona.

Pima County Courts

Arizona Superior Court in Pima County

General Court Information

The official website of the Arizona Superior Court in Pima County offers some information on court types and activities.

Juror Information

This site presents information for those undertaking jury duty in the Arizona Superior Court in Pima County, including an online juror questionnaire, a medical excuse form, reporting information, directions and parking information, and more.

Tucson City Court

Court Information from Tucson City Court

This website offers information covering subjects like subpoenas, parking citations, Civil Traffic Court, and self-representation in court.

The Guide to AZ Courts also contains some information on municipal (city) courts—see above for more details.



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