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Community Gardens--Tucson

A community garden is a single piece of land gardened by several people. These are the community gardens in Tucson. For information about some of these gardens visit the Community Gardens of Tucson webpage:




Sabino Vista Garden

Sabino Canyon/ Cloud

Community Gardens of Tucson, 795-8823

Presidio Garden

Country Club/ Ft Lowell

Community Gardens of Tucson, 795-8824

Sunrise Garden

5301 E Sunrise

Community Gardens of Tucson, 795-8825

St. Gregory Garden

3231 N Craycroft

Community Gardens of Tucson, 795-8826

Chaverim Garden

5901 E 2nd Street

Community Gardens of Tucson, 795-8827

New Spirit Garden

8701 E Old Spanish Trail

Community Gardens of Tucson, 795-8828

Case Park Garden

9851 E Kenyon Dr

Civano Community School Garden

10673 E Mira Ln

Community Gardens of Tucson, 795-8828

Manuel Herrera Jr Park

5901 S Fiesta Ave

Community Gardens of Tucson, 795-8828

Quincie Douglas Garden

1575 E. 36th St

Patricia Rojas, 622-0525 x249

Iron Horse Garden

75 N 1st Ave

Iron Horse Neighborhood Association

Dunbar/ Spring Community Garden

300 W University Blvd.

Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood Association, 628-4318

Tierra Anita Community Garden

590 W Williams St

Barrio Anita Neighborhood Association

Southern Arizona Rain Gutters Garden

Southern Arizona Rain Gutters Garden

Southern Arizona Rain Gutters, 299-7246

Keeling Garden

2919 N Los Altos

Community Gardens of Tucson, 795-8828

Caliche Garden (Sam Hughes)

217 N Olsen

Benedictine Monastery Garden

800 N Country Club Rd

Community Gardens of Tucson, 795-8828

St. Mark's Community Garden & Compost

3809 E 3rd St

Tucson Organic Gardeners, 670-9158

Zuni Community Garden

Zuni Community Garden

Zuni Avenue Peace Center, or 514-0900 

Wilson Community Garden

Campbell Ave. /Prince Rd.

Melissa Urreiztieta at

Elvira Community Garden

7120 S. 12th Ave.

Elvira Neighborhood Association

Bello e Sano Garden

2845 W. Lambert Lane

Steve Brooks, 990-1283


Email from Community Food Bank, 2010.

Blog, George! A. "Community Gardens of Tucson ." Community Gardens of Tucson . (accessed October 14, 2011).

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