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Burial on Private Land

It is possible in Arizona to bury someone on private property if you fulfill certain conditions.

Information for a body:

1. Contact Vital Records to get a transport permit. This is necessary if you are acting as your own funeral director. If you are contracting with an outside funeral director, that person should get in touch with the Vital Records Department. Vital Records Department: Telephone: (520) 243-7930.

2. You need to change the title on your land so it is designated as a private cemetery and then have that change installed at the Pima County Recorder’s Office. The Pima County Recorder’s office can explain how to do this. Pima County Recorder’s Office: Telephone: (520) 740-4350

Information for cremated remains:

Cremated remains may be buried, entombed, placed in a niche, scattered over private land with permission of owner or over public property (may require a permit), or remain in family’s possession, usually in an urn (wood, marble, or metal container).



Telephone calls and research done by Pima County Public Library reference staff 03/2008


Arizona State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers. 

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