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This is not a definitve list of all of the explosions in Tucson.

Fire and explosions at the Tucson Newspapers Inc. newspaper plant

There was a fire and explosions at the Tucson Newspapers Inc. main plant on July 22, 1982.  The exact cause of the explosion was not known, but may have been caused by water from storms seeping into the electrical system. This explosion injured 11 people, one person died. 

Fire and explosion at Supreme Cleaners

Occurred March 29, 1963.  Six people died. Thirty-two people were injured in the blast.  (The address of Supreme Cleaners was 2332 N. Stone.  Near Grant Road and Stone Avenue.) This explosion was caused by a natural gas leak.  One of the cleaner’s owners, Harris Salonic, turned off a light switch when leaving the basement of the plant and this ignited gas fumes.  Harris Salonic was one of the people killed in the explosion.


"Explosion rocks Star's plant, leaving 7 injured, and 4 critically." Arizona Daily Star.   July 23, 1982. Page1  "Delehanty is a 47-year Star, TNI employee."  Arizona Daily Star. July 23, 1982. Page A3.              


Airplane Crashes



Helicopter Crashes--Tucson


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