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 Political Signs are not allowed in the right of way on streets in Tucson. The right of way along the sides of streets and medians at intersections are off limit to political signs.

Private property owners though can place political signs wherever they want on their property as long as signs do not affect a driver’s ability to see. Campaigns are allowed to place signs 30 days before an election and the signs can stay up 10 days after the election. (If it is a primary election, candidates who are continuing on to the general election can keep their signs up.)

For Political Signs that violate rules, Pima County will contact the campaigns and tell them to get their signs from a storage facility. The City of Tucson does not notify campaigns, but the candidates can call and recover their signs. The City of Tucson holds the signs for ten days.
After the election; campaign signs have to be removed within 15 days in the City of Tucson and 10 days in Pima County. Any campaign with signs remaining must pay Pima County a fine of $5 for each sign removed by county workers. The removed signs are held in storage and campaigns can pick them up, if the signs are not picked up Pima County charges $2 per sign as a disposal fee.
The city of Tucson does not charge for removal or storage of signs. 
To report a campaign sign still up after the 10 day limit in Pima County, call 740-2639. To pick up signs that Pima County removed go to:
Operations Warehouse
1313 S. Mission Road
Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Reporting a sign still up in the City of Tucson after the 15 day limit, call 791-5843. Campaigns can use the same telephone number to find out about picking up signs. The City of Tucson keeps the sign 10-14 days before they are discarded.
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