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Buildings--Tallest in Tucson

(Buildings that have 11 floors or more above the ground)

Name Address Floors Date Built
Unisource Energy Tower 1 South Church Avenue 23 1986
Tucson House 1501 North Oracle Road 18 1964
Bank of America Plaza 33 North Stone Avenue 16 1967
Pima County Legal Services 32 North Stone Avenue 16 1967
(5151 East Broadway) 5151 East Broadway 16 n.d.
Pioneer Plaza Hotel 100 North Stone Avenue 12 1929
Presidio Plaza Hotel 181 West Broadway 12 n.d.
Pima County Government 131 West Congress 11 n.d.
Transamerica Building 177 North Church 11 n.d.
Tucson City Hall 255 West Alameda Street 11 n.d.
Bank one Building ** 2 East Congress ** 10 ** 1929 **

*This list was compiled based on a web site: (This web site was accessed 10/13/2004--it no longer exists.) This list rates the building by number of floorsoverground (floors above the ground.) It is difficult finding number of floors of the high rises of Tucson.  Even telephone calls to the buildings do not work because buildings are not always identified correctly.   Newspaper articles are inaccurate:  Ex: article "High-Rise" from Arizona Daily Star, Oct. 23, 2001. Page D5 lists the Bank of America Plaza has only having 9 floors.  The Bank of America Plaza has 16 floors.

 ** Bank One Building is 10 floors above the ground.  (11 floors with basement.)  This building was originally known as the Consolidated Bank of Tucson. The building was bought by Valley National Bank in 1935. It is included on this list because it is the first skyscraper in Tucson.

You can find information about the buildings of Tucson at:


Tagg, Oliver Bryant with help of Matthew. "Buildings of Tucson |" Commercial Real Estate Information and Construction Data | (accessed October 21, 2011).


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