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Weeds—Tucson City Law and Pima County law

Where to call with complaints
Marana.  Telephone: (520) 382-2600
Northwest Fire/Rescue.  Telephone: (520) 887-1010
Oro Valley:  Call your homeowner's association.  If that fails, call the Police Department.
Picture Rocks Fire District.  Telephone: (520) 682-4960
Rural/Metro Fire Department. Telephone: (520) 297-3600
South Tucson. Telephone: (520) 917-1573
Tucson. Telephone: (520) 791-5843
"As monsoon feeds weeds, neighbors' complaints crop up."   Arizona Daily Star. August 11, 2006. Page B1.

Pima County
 Pima County does not have a specific law aimed at weeds.  Pima County has no clear definition of when weed count constitutes a problem.  In county areas a zoning inspector and environmental inspector will visit a site and make a judgment call about whether the area needs to be cleaned.
City of Tucson
Law regarding weeds:
 Any and all weeds or lawn grasses that exceed 10 inches in height are prohibited within the city limits.
Property owners are responsible for the narrow strip of right of way that often lies between their front yards and the street, and for their half of the alley behind their homes
Owners are first given a notice of violation, giving them a chance to remove or mow the offending vegetation.
If they fail to correct the problem they are issued citations, which require court appearances even if the weeds are removed.
There is a minimum fine of $100 upon conviction of a civil violation, up to a maximum of $2,500, at the judge’s discretion.
If the weed problem is not resolved the city can clean up the property and bill the owner for the work.  This bill will become a lien on the property that must be paid if the property is sold.
To complain about weeds in Tucson call 791-5843.  Anonymous complaints are accepted or you can leave your name and number if you want someone in city government to call you back.
Is it a weed or a flower???   (This is not law, just criteria on how to judge plants.)
Weeds tend to have pale yellow, white or green blossoms.  Wildflowers have more brightly colored red, blue, gold, lavender and yellow flowers.
Weeds have more foliage than flowers.   Wildflowers have more dominant flowers than foliage. If they grow 2 or 3 feet in a couple of weeks, they’re probably weeds. If you have dozens or hundreds of little plants together that all look alike, they’re probably weeds.  Wildflowers tend to be more spread out.
“Weeds gone wild.” Arizona Daily Star March 8, 2005. Page 1.

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