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Immigration Law in Arizona--Senate Bill 1070 – Provisions blocked and accepted by U.S. District Court Judge

There were certain provisions of Senate bill 1070 that were blocked and some that were accepted when by U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton made a ruling about the bill on July 28, 2010
Which provisions of Senate Bill 1070 were blocked and which were accepted?
Blocked provisions:
  • Requiring police officers to attempt to check the immigration status of those they have stopped if there is reason to suspect they are in the US illegally.
  • Forbidding police to release anyone they have arrested until that person’s immigration status is determined.
  • Making it a violation of Arizona law for anyone who is not a citizen to fail to carry documentation.
  • Creating a new state crime for trying to secure work while not a legal resident.
  • Allowing police to make warrantless arrests when there is a belief that the people have committed offenses that allow them to be removed from the United States.
Accepted provisions:
  • Making it a crime to stop a vehicle in traffic to hire a day laborer or for someone looking for work to get into a stopped vehicle.
  • Requiring state officials to work with the federal government regarding illegal immigrants.
  • Allowing state residents to file suit against any agency, official, city or county for adopting policies that restrict the ability of workers to enforce federal immigration law “to less than the full extent permitted by federal law.”
  • Creating a separate crime transporting or harboring an illegal immigrant, or encouraging or inducing an illegal immigrant to come or live in Arizona.
“What Judge Bolton Blocked—and the reasons she gave.” Arizona Daily Star, July 29, 2010. Page 1

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