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Tornadoes in Tucson

Funnel clouds are spotted in Tucson but very few of them become tornadoes.  The dry air of Arizona does not provide enough moisture to fuel a tornado.   In Arizona, we average about three actual tornadoes a year.  Most of the tornadoes in Tucson are F0 or F1 tornadoes on the Fujita Scale. 
Tornado fatalities in and around Tucson are:
June 23, 1974
Location- Near South Mission and West Valencia Roads. A man died when a tornado hit his mobile home
August 27, 1964.
Location-- Near San Xavier Mission. On the Tohono O'odham reservation.  Winds exceeding 50 mph, 3¼ mile path of destruction.  Total damage estimated at about $100,000.  2 killed, 8 Injured.  
Most powerful tornado in Arizona
June 1972
Location- Eloy.  In this tornado 18 people were injured and 300 buildings were destroyed.  The path of the damage was 1,000 yards wide and a mile long.

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Fujita tornado scale
F-0  (40-72 mph) 
Chimney damage, tree branches broken.
F-1  (73-112mph) 
Mobile homes pushed off foundation or overturned.
F-2  (113-157mph)
  Considerable damage, mobile homes demolished, trees uprooted.
F-3  (158-205mph) 
Roofs and walls torn down, trains overturned, cars thrown.
F-4  (207-260mph)
Well-constructed walls leveled.
F-5  (261-318mph) 
Homes lifted off foundations and thrown considerable distances.

"Tornado's victims get to go 'home'." Arizona Daily Star.  May 30, 1997, Page 6A.


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