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Baseball Teams in Tucson 


(This file is a work in progress; there may be more Tucson baseball teams listed.)

"In 1937, just 25 years after Arizona gained statehood, the city of Tucson built a baseball park in what was still a generally undeveloped desert town. The Tucson Lizards, an entry in the low-level Class D Arizona-Texas League, were the first team to call Randolph Municipal Baseball Park home."

The baseball park was later renamed for Hiram Steven Corbett, an Arizona State Senator and Tucson Baseball commissioner who helped bring the Cleveland Indians to Tucson. The ballpark was renovated in 1992 but ultimately lost its appeal. Tucson Electric Park Baseball hosted its first game February 27, 1998 when  the Diamondbacks versed the White Sox. Diamondbacks won 6-5.

Spring Training in Tucson

As of 2010, San Diego Padres' Triple-A team could play longer than one season in Tucson. The team will play at least the 2011 season in Tucson, most likely at Tucson Electric Park. The team will be called the Tucson Padres.


These are the teams that formerly conducted spring training in Tucson:

Cleveland Indians 1947-1992

Chicago White Sox 1998-2008

Colorado Rockies 1993-2009*

Arizona Diamondbacks 1998-2009*

*Signed contract to move to the Salt-River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community in 2009. This move is happening in 2011.


Oury Park Tigers, Tigres

This was an American Legion baseball team that existed during the 1930s and 1940s in Tucson.  This team was from the Barrio Anita neighborhood.  During the summer, on Sundays, this team played in Oury Park, Eagle Field and Riverside Park.  (Only Oury Park still exists, it is near Davis school and 6th street.)  

The team was formed in 1932.  The team ended in 1964 when it could not find any sponsor to pay the league fees of $35 per player.

Many of the Oury Park Tigers started at Tucson High and some players went on to play for the University of Arizona.

The Oury Park Tigers were a major attraction.  There were games that had 500 fans in the stands. 




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Tucson Pima Library has the Barrio Anita book, which has information on this team.  It is titled: Walking Through Barrio Anita’s History.






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