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Authors with Tucson Connections

Born in Tucson

Alexander, Sue (1933- ) American writer
Allen, Rupert Clyde (1927- ) American writer
Martin, Patricia Preciado (1939- ) American writer

Died in Tucson

Abbey, Edward (1927-1989) American writer, environmentalist
Angier, Bradford (1910-1997) American writer
Bok, Bart Jan (1906-1983) Astronomer, educator, and author
Bordes, Francois (1919-1981) Archeologist, educator, and author
Bradley, Donald A. (1925-1974) scientific researcher, astrologer, and writer
Franken, Rose (Dorothy) (1895? -1988) American writer
Gordon, Mildred (1912-1979) Editor, screenwriter, and author
Gray, Genevieve Stuck (1920-1995) American writer
Gurney, J. Eric (? -1992) Cartoonist, illustrator and Canadian writer
Haury, Emil Walter (1904-1992) Archaeologist, anthropologist, educator and writer)
Ingalls, Jeremy (1911-2000) American writer
Johnson, Enid (1892-1969) American writer
Nye, Nelson Coral (1907-1997) American writer
Oberman, Heiko Augustinus (1930-2001) Dutch writer
Roemer, William F., Jr. (1926-1996) American writer
Schellie, Don (1932-1993) American writer
Sonnichsen, C. L. (1901-1991) American writer
Speare, Elizabeth George (1908-1994) American writer
Tate, Velma (1913-1997) American writer
Vicker, Ray (1917-2000) Journalist, author

Lives in Tucson

Arthur, Karl (1952- ) American writer
Baldwin, Gordon C. (1908-1983) American writer
Baylor, Byrd (1924- ) American writer
Blake, Michael (1943- )
Bowden, Charles (1945- ) American writer, journalist
Bowers, Janice Emily (1950- ) American writer
Brown, Joseph Paul Summers (1930- ) American writer
Deming, Alison Hawthorne (1946- ) American writer, poet
Doss, Helen Grigsby (1918- ) English writer,
Fontana, Bernard Lee (1931- ) American writer
Gordon, Gordon (1906- ) American writer
Hammer, Larry    Fantasy author.
Hubka, Betty (Josephine Morgan) (1924) American writer
Iserson, Kenneth Victor (1949- ) American writer, physician
Jernigan, Gisela Evelyn (1948- ) American writer
Levy, David H. (1948- ) Writer astronomer
Lowell, Susan (1950- ) Mexican writer
McKiernan, Dennis L. (1932- ) Science Fiction/Fantasy author
Momaday, N. Scott (1934- ) Novelist, Poet
Orlen, Steve (1942- ) American writer
Russ, Joanna (1937- ) Science Fiction author
Sharmat Marjorie Weinman (1928- ) American writer
Shelton, Richard (1933- ) American writer, poet
Simner, Janni Lee   Fantasy author
Story, Ronald D. (1946- ) American writer
Tarr, Judith (1955- ) Fantasy author
Vornholt, John (1951- ) Science Fiction/Fantasy author
Weil, Andrew (1942- ) American writer, physician
Wells, Catherine (1952- ) American writer
Windling, Terri (1958- ) Fantasy author (lives half the year in Tucson--the other half in the United Kingdom)
Zepeda, Ofelia (1954- ) American writer, poet

Lived in Tucson

Ai (1947- ) American writer
Bradbury, Ray (1920-2012 ) American writer
Caldwell, Erskine (1903-1987) American writer
Finney, Charles G. (1905-1984) American writer
Jance, Judith Ann (1944- ) American writer
Kingsolver, Barbara (1955- ) Novelist ***
Mettler, Barbara (1907- ) Dancer, educator, filmmaker, writer
Wright, Harold Bell (1872-1944) American writer
***   Barbara Kingsolver no longer lives in Tucson.  She lived in Tucson 1977- 2004 Source:  "Vaya Con Dios, Tucson."  Arizona Daily Star.   May 9, 2004. Page B7.


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Gale Biography Resource Center database-- Most of these people can be found in the Gale Biography Resource Center.



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