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Derelict Homes--How to Take Action

  • First, to find out who owns the home, visit the website of the Pima County Assessor: Click "advanced search," enter the address and click "search address." Then, you can click on the parcel number to get details about the property, including who pays the taxes.
  • Then, to find out if crime happens at the home's address, go to the Tucson Police Department's website, where you can view crimes statistics online: Use the "Interactive Crime Statistics Search" to search by address. This tells you about incidents that were investigated by police.
  • If the house’s yard is loaded with weeds and junk, you can visit the City of Tucson's housing and community development department, code enforcement division for more information: Homes can only be boarded up for six months. There is an exception to this if it involves safety; for example, if the home had been boarded up after a fire. You can file an online complaint about the house on this web site. Once you file the complaint an inspector will come out.


“Who do you ask to take action on derelict homes?” Arizona Daily Star.  February 28, 2010. Page B6. 

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