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Flood Plain Maps

There is a GIS website where the public can find FEMA flood plain information for properties in Pima County. The website is maintained by the Pima County Regional Flood Control District and reflects FEMA flood plain and floodway studies. A street number for the property or tax parcel number (also called book/map/plat, tax code, or APN) is needed. The site address is
If the person only has ownership information for the property, direct him/her to the Pima County Department of Transportation site where ownership info can be found using address and/or tax code. Online at
In addition to the flood plain information, other data overlays including subdivision boundaries and names, jurisdictions and city limits, aerial photographs, and section/township/range grids can be displayed. 
The actual maps published by FEMA can be found online at
All website accessed December 12, 2009.

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