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Slain Tucson Police Officer's photograph used on punk album cover

A Tucson Punk Rock group called Awful Truth used a photograph taken of a slain Tucson police officer for their album cover. The photograph was of wounded Officer Erick Hite lying on the ground while two police officers administered aid. Officer Hite died after being shot on June 2, 2008. Awful Truth used the photograph as a cover for their album” Kill a Cop for God.” A song on the album paid special tribute to “cop killers.” The song mentions Johan Montenegro Cruz who killed police Officer Patrick Hardesty in 2003; and David Delich who is accused of murdering Officer Erick Hite.

In November 2009, the Arizona Daily Star won a legal case against the band Awful Truth. The settlement was a result of copyright infringement. The Arizona Daily Star filed a case against Awful Truth because they used the Arizona Daily Star’s photograph of Officer Hite’s death without permission. The band had to stop using the photograph and send all remaining copies of the photography to the Star’s attorney.
“Punk band, Star in settlement over use of Hite slaying photo.” Arizona Daily Star. November 21, 2009. Page A2.
“Tucson police condemn use of photo of slain officer on punk album cover.” Arizona Daily Star. January 14, 2009. Page A11.             

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