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Glow Festival

The annual Glow Festival (aka “Glow”) is held at the Triangle L Ranch in Oracle. The festival began in 2003. It was originally a one night party for artists and friends of the ranch owner, Sharon Honback. It is held at night on a weekend with a full moon.

The festival offers music, performance artists, fire dancing and juggling, unicyclists. It has included an interactive shadow puppet theatre, and computer generated projections. More than 100 artists participate.
Attendees are encouraged to wear glowing fashion like glow sticks or glow-in-the-dark paint or battery-powered lights. Attendees are given a free light stick with paid admission.

In 2006, Pinal County sheriff deputies shut the festival down in response to noise and parking complaints. However, the county sheriff later issued a public apology.
Authorities are on hand to help direct traffic and ensure that the event runs smoothly. Shuttle service on Oracle Ranch road is available.
 Food drinks, and gift shop items are available for sale.

Contact info
Tel: 623-6732

Source:  "Oracle to have a glow about it." Arizona Daily Star. Caliente section. October
         1, 2009. Page 6.

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