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Haziest Day in Tucson

 The highest levels of particulate matter (PM10) ever monitored in Pima County occurred on July 22, 2009. The PM10 reading at the Pima Department of Environmental Quality’s (PDEQ) Orange Grove monitoring site was 270 micrograms/cubic meter of air. The EPA’s health standard of 150 micrograms/cubic meter.  
In 2008, 96 percent of the time levels of PM10 were in the healthy range in Pima County. Unhealthy levels of particulates in our air typically occur in Pima County when there are high winds and/or forest fires.
Exposure to particulate matter has been linked to increased respiratory symptoms, such as
irritation of the airways,
coughing, or difficulty breathing;
decreased lung function;
aggravated asthma;
irregular heartbeat;
nonfatal heart attacks; and
premature death in people with heart or lung disease.
For air quality information,
PDEQ website or
Call (520) 882-4AIR.
“Hazy Wednesday last week set record of particulate level.” Arizona Daily Star. July 30, 2009. Page A13.

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