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Pima County Sheriffs Killed In Line of Duty

Name of Sheriff Killed
Date Killed
Cause of Death
Loren E. Leonberger January 31, 2011 Helicopter crash
Timothy D. Graham
August 10, 2005
During an altercation struck and killed by an oncoming vehicle
Shannon Russell
December 5, 2002
Died after completing an obstacle course
Randall Graves
January 23, 1986
Motorcycle Accident
Ernest Calvillo
July 21, 1983
Jack Brierly
November 16, 1953
Motorcycle Accident
John D. Anderson
August 8, 1948
Fell during rescue in Sabino Canyon
Clifford Nelson
October 23, 1928
Airplane crash during a search and rescue
James A. Mercer
December 11, 1914
Joe W. Meeks
January 21, 1913
Andrew W. Holbrook
May 4, 1883

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