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Immigration Law in Arizona--Senate Bill 1070 – Boycotts and actions against Arizona

These are some of the boycotts and actions taken by various groups to protest Senate Bill 1070:
Arizona U.S. Representative Raul M. Grijalva called for a boycott of Arizona on April 20, 2010, before the bill was passed. After the bill was passed he led a boycott against Arizona. After a U.S. District Court Judge, Susan Bolton blocked this law; Raul M. Grijalva called for an end to this boycott. Grijalva rescinded the boycott on July 28, 2010.
“Arizonan: Boycott us over immigration bill. Washington Times. April 20, 2010.
“Grijalva rescinds call for convention boycott.” Arizona Central web site. Assessed 07/30/2010.
 Cities and Counties that have approved boycotts of Arizona:
Berkeley, Calif.
Bloomington, Ind.
Boulder, Colo.
Columbus, Ohio.
Cook County, Ill.
Educators (formerly National Assn. of Foreign Student Advisers).
El Paso (city and county).
Gallup, N.M.
Hartford, Conn.
Los Angeles (city and county).
Richmond, Calif.
San Pablo, Calif.
St. Paul, Minn.
Santa Monica, Calif.
San Francisco (non-binding resolution).
West Hollywood, Calif.
Groups that announced travel boycotts of Arizona:
American Educational Research Assn.
Asian American Justice Center
Center for Community Change
L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center
Law and Society Association.
Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
League of United Latin American Citizens
NAFSA: Association of International
National Council of La Raza
National Puerto Rican Coalition
Service Employees International Union.
Sociologists Without Borders
United Food and Commercial Workers International Union***
World Boxing Council
Known cancellations of meetings or events planned in Arizona:
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., the oldest African American Greek-lettered fraternity,
canceled a July meeting at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel. Five thousand
were expected to attend. Convention moved to Las Vegas.
American Immigration Lawyers Association canceled its fall conference at
the Camelback Inn in Paradise Valley.
Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí has canceled its exchange program with the
University of Arizona
Club América, one of Mexico's biggest soccer teams, canceled its exhibition match
against Club de Fútbol Pachuca scheduled for July 7 at University of Phoenix Stadium.
Glass Art Society, of Seattle, canceled its 2011 conference in Tucson.
In the Chicago area, the Highland Park High School girls varsity basketball team
canceled a trip to play in a basketball tournament, citing "safety concerns" related
to the new law
The Los Lobos musical group canceled a June 10 performance at Talking Stock Resort
in Scottsdale
Mexico's six border governors announced they would boycott the 28th annual U.S.-
Mexico Border Governors Conference if it is held as scheduled in Phoenix in September.
Musicians Daryl Hall and John Oates canceled postgame concert scheduled July 3
at Chase Field.
National Autonomous University of Mexico has canceled its exchange program with the
University of Arizona.
National Minority Suppliers Development Council Inc. is moving its fall Phoenix convention to Florida. Seven thousand were expected to attend.
National Urban League. The group issued a rebuke of the city and suspended
consideration of Phoenix's bid to host its 2012 annual conference.
Representatives of the Mexican state of Sonora announced they would not attend the
annual meeting of the Sonora-Arizona Commission, June 3-4 in Phoenix.
Other actions against the bill:
The AFL-CIO has condemned the law, claiming it could lead to racial profiling and
could undermine worker rights by discouraging Latinos from filing complaints
Brownsville, Texas, City Commission on May 18 unanimously voted to condemn the
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee condemned the law on April 24.
Major League Baseball Players Association called for repeal of the law, saying it could
have a negative effect on hundreds of baseball players who are citizens of other
A Chicago City Council 46-3 vote on June 9 endorses a resolution urging City Hall not
to do business in the future with Arizona firms, but does not prohibit it.
City of Pasadena on May 18 approved a resolution condemning Arizona's
immigration law
Coachella, Calif., City Council on May 18 voted 5-0 to condemn the law.
Consortium of Professional and Academic Associations condemns Arizona's
immigration law and HB 2281 that prohibits ethnic studies. The consortium consists of
13 groups, including Association of Asian American Studies, Chicano/Latino Faculty
and Staff Association, and Native American and Indigenous Studies Association.
Council of the City of New York and other city immigration and civil-rights advocates
denounced the law on April 29.
Denver Public Schools banned work-related travel to the state.
Milwaukee Area Technical College Board directed staff May 25 to refrain from buying goods from any Arizona-based company and from sending employees to conferences in Arizona.
The Durham, N.C., Human Relations Commission lobbied June 10 for the City
Council to pass a resolution that would ban business and travel with Arizona.
Fulton County, Ga., Board of Commissioners voted May 19 to oppose
Arizona's law.
La Opinion, the country's largest Spanish-language newspaper, on April 26 urged a
boycott of all goods and services from Arizona and avoidance of tourism-related
travel to the state
League of United Latin American Citizens urged companies such as Frito-Lay not to
sponsor Arizona sporting events, such as the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl in Glendale.
Mexico's Foreign Ministry in late April warned Mexicans traveling to Arizona to be
aware that they could be "bothered and questioned for no other reason at any
Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak on April 30 urged city employees not to travel to
San Diego City Council on May 3 urged Arizona to repeal the law.
The San Jose (Calif.) City Council on June 8
approved, by a 9-2 vote, a symbolic measure that condemns its neighboring state, rather
than a harsher economic boycott. The measure includes a denunciation of the
Arizona law, a prohibition on business trips by city employees to the state and support
for legal challenges filed by other individuals or groups
Santa Ana, Calif., City Council has condemned the law.
Sound Strike is a movement launched online to organize artists to boycott Arizona.
It is being led by Zack de la Rocha of the band Rage Against the Machine. More than a
dozen musical groups have signed on, as well as moviemaker Michael Moore
Tacoma City Council on May 25 approved resolution condemning Arizona's law as
encouraging racial profiling and dropped earlier language that called for a city boycott
on business and travel to Arizona.
American Anthropological Association condemned SB 1070 and refuses to have
meetings in Arizona until the law is repealed or struck down.
Arizona Central web site. Assessed 07/24/2010
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