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Falcon Outline

Birds—Protecting them from flying into windows, preventing them from bothering your home.
The Arizona Humane Society printed a silhouette of a Peregrine Falcon to use on windows and other spots to frighten away birds. (This information is not available on the Humane Society website)
This silhouette does not scan correctly into a computer file.  So if you need a copy of this silhouette and the instructions on how to use it:
Call the Pima County Main Library Infoline at 791-4010.
This Silhouette is in the Vertical File under “Humane Society."
The Main Library can make a copy of this information and send it to you.
This information cannot be sent by fax because the silhouette is bigger than a regular page. You will either have to pick up the information or have it sent in mail.
For more information on preventing birds from striking your window visit:
Thompson, Bill, and III (read about Bill. "Prevent Window Strikes :: Bill's Top 10 :: Bird Watcher's" Bird Watcher's Digest - your online resource center on birds, bird identification, hummingbirds, bird feeding, and more!. (accessed October 26, 2011).

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