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Alizandro Coloring Book

Puzzles, Board Games & Arcade Games

Fun math games to try online. Are you up to the challenge?
Five different board games.
These games will make you smarter. Games are arranged by age and grade level.
Separate games and activities pages for pre-school - 6th grade.
Harry Potter Games
Harry Potter crossword and Quidditch games.
Put together puzzles or make them using your own pictures.
Pick a picture and make a puzzle. Choose from 6 to 247 pieces to put together online.
Games are sorted by age and subject. There are online games for more than one player too.
Games, postcards, jokes, and fun quizzes for you to take.
SurfNet Kids
Learn how to juggle or make paper airplanes.

Word Games, Riddles & Brain Teasers

Brain Teasers
Math games for grades 1-6.
A favorite game of Mark Twain. Change one word into another.
Exercise Your Brain!
Keep your mind sharp by playing a variety of brain-building games.
Be President for a day! Games to play to learn about our government.
Make your own comic strip, then print or email it.
Picture Match
Match up hidden pictures. How good is your memory?
Create your own word search, crossword and math puzzles.
Up To Ten
Fun games that help you learn!
Wacky Tales
Create tales for your friends with wacky words and sentences.
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