How to Help Your Beginning Reader Choose a Good Book to Read

Congratulations to your child for learning to read!

This is a very important step in his/her growth. The good news is that there are special books that are just right for your child. The library calls these books "Readers" and they are kept in a special section of the children's area.

Readers are great book choices for children who are learning to read independently.

Why? Readers use rhythm, rhyme, and repetition to help children predict what word will come next. The words included in Readers are carefully chosen and limited in number for just the right amount of challenge. Good Readers will also have pictures that give your child strong clues about what the words on the page will say.

The best way to find out if a book is right for your child is to have him or her open it up and read a few pages.

Encourage your child to choose a book about a topic in which they are interested. To find the right reading level try using the Five-Finger Rule or the Goldilocks Strategy (see p.2 of the PDF).

What do the numbers, colors, and letters on Reader spines mean?

Many publishers mark the spine based on how difficult they think the book is to read. Unfortunately, the various publishers of Readers don't all use the same guideline for assigning these numbers, colors, and letters. A "2" book by one publisher might be easier or harder than a "2" book from another publisher.

Finally, try not to discourage your child from choosing a "too easy" book because reading easy books will allow him/her to improve his/ her reading fluency.

Easy books allow your child to practice reading the phrasing and punctuation; to vary the speed of their reading; to try out character voices; to build solid comprehension; to boost their confidence as a reader; and to discover that reading is FUN!

Ask us!

Please ask a librarian if you have more questions. We are here to help!

Thank you for realizing the importance of reading, and for bringing your child to the library!

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