Types of Grant Funders

Grantmaking Public Charities

What is a Grantmaking Public Charity?

A grantmaking public charity is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization that is supported substantially by contributions from individuals, foundations, churches, and/or government agencies, augmented in some cases with income generated by charitable activities.

Public charities are the recipients of most foundation and corporate grants. But some public charities also raise money and make grants. Examples of local public charities which give grants are the Angel Charity for Children, Inc. and the Tucson Conquistadores. Often these grantmaking organizations are not listed in directories of funders.

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What is a Foundation?

A foundation as a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization established to maintain or aid educational, social, charitable, or other activities serving the common welfare or the common good, primarily by making grants to other nonprofit organizations.

A foundation has a principal fund or endowment of its own, usually derived from a single source (either a family, an individual, or a corporation) and a program managed by its own trustees and directors. An example is the Flinn Foundation in Phoenix.

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Government Grants

What government agencies give grants?

Grants are available from federal, state and local governments.

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Corporate Philanthropy

What kinds of grants do businesses give?

Corporations give primarily to employees, their families, or residents of specific locations where the company conducts business.

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