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  • Choose 7-, 14-, or 21-day checkouts.
  • Maximum number of items checked out at one time = 5 total.
  • Allows burning to CD for select audiobook titles. more
  • Place reserves on titles that are checked out.
  • No renewals.
  • Titles are automatically checked in. more
  • Ebooks can be checked in early. Audiobooks in the MP3 format can be checked in early if using the OverDrive Media Console on your computer or the Overdrive app on your device. more
  • Videos cannot be checked in early.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started?

To get started, you'll need your library card, a computer at home or work, and free software.

Software requirements for audio books and videos

OverDrive Media Console, Windows Media Player version 9+

Software requirements for ebooks

Adobe Digital Editions is required for all eBooks, except Kindle eBooks. You may have to activate your copy of Adobe Reader before downloading your ebook.

Library eBooks for Kindle - View instructions and tips

Can I return my digital books early?

Videos cannot be returned early. You can delete the files from your computer at any time, but they will still be considered "checked out" to you for the entire check out period.

Audiobooks in the MP3 format can be returned early when using the Overdrive app (version 2.4) on your Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, BlackBerry and Windows mobile device, or the Overdrive Media Console (version 3.2.2) on your computer. Audiobooks in the WMA format cannot be returned early.

To return an MP3 audiobook early from your computer
  • Open the Overdrive Media Console on your computer
  • Select MP3 audiobook you want to return
  • Click Delete (beside the red X)
  • Choose the "Return/Delete" button
To return an audiobook early from your device
  • Open the Overdrive app on your device
  • Locate the item on the your app "Bookshelf"
  • Touch the "plus" sign that appears beside the title that you would like to return and delete
  • Choose the "Return/Delete" button

Most eBooks can be returned before the checkout period expires.
Open EPUB cannot be returned early.

To return an eBook early
  • Open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer
  • In the "Library View," click on the book you want to return
  • Click the triangular button next to the title to open the Item Options window
  • Click on "Return Borrowed Item"

If using the OverDrive app on your handheld device, you can return EPUB eBooks early. When you delete the book, you will see an option for "Return and Delete."

To return Kindle eBooks early
  • Go to the Amazon website
  • Sign in to your account
  • Under "Your Amazon" choose Manage Your Kindle
  • Enter your password again
  • Use the Action menu to the right of the borrowed book you'd like to return
  • Choose "Return this book"
What happens to the audiobooks, ebooks, and movies after the checkout period ends?

After the checkout period expires, the file is automatically checked back in. You don't need to do anything. A copy of the digital book or video file will remain on your computer and any device if you have transferred it. The copy will not open or play after the checkout period ends. You can delete the copy just like you would delete a file from your computer.

Can I burn OverDrive files to CD?

Some OverDrive audiobook titles may be burned to CD. On the title record page, look for the section called "Digital Rights Information." The title may be burned to CD if you see this line:

This title can be burned to CD during the lending period.

OverDrive eBooks and videos cannot be burned to CD.

Which devices can I use with OverDrive items?

OverDrive offers two audiobook formats: WMA and MP3. Some MP3 players do not work with the WMA format or the digital rights management (DRM) software that protects the OverDrive files.

View a list of players/devices compatible with OverDrive AudioBooks.


OverDrive offers 4 eBook formats:

  • PDF, Adobe EPUB, and Open EPUB are compatible with a wide range of eReaders.
  • Kindle eBooks are compatible with Kindle readers.
  • iPad, iPod Touch and Android users should the Overdrive app found in the Apple App Store or Android Market.

View a list of devices compatible with OverDrive eBooks.

How can I tell which files will work on computer/device?

Click on the title of any OverDrive digital book to see that item. The Format Information section has icons to show you what systems the file will play on.

Can I use OverDrive on my Mac?

OverDrive's MP3 Audiobook collection works on Macs. Simply choose the Mac version of Overdrive Media Console when you install the software. OverDrive eBooks use Adobe Reader, which is also compatible with Macs.

Unfortunately, the WMA Audiobooks and OverDrive Videos are incompatible, because they use a version of Windows Media Rights Management that is not available for the Mac operating system.

Which Audiobooks work on my iPod?

It depends on whether you have a Mac or a PC. Here's the basic rule:

Mac + iPod = MP3 Audiobooks only

PC + iPod = MP3 or WMA Audiobooks

Can I download digital books and videos in the library?

You may be able to do so if you are using a portable device and have first connected to the library's wi-fi network. (More about compatible devices here.) Digital books, audiobooks and videos cannot currently be downloaded to library computers for transfer to devices. To download from home or work, all you need is a computer with Internet access and your library card.

My audiobook didn't download all the way, and now when I click on "Download", I get an error, "Failed call to fulfill this title." What do I do?

Rather than downloading from your eBookshelf, open OverDrive Media Console on your computer. You will see the book cover. Click on it, then click on "Download."

My question wasn't answered here. What do I do?

View the OverDrive Help Pages for more help.

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