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Make It, Take It
By Rus Bradburd. Cinco Puntos Press. 188 pp. $14.95.
Bradburd was a college basketball coach in the Southwest for a decade and a half before earning an MFA and switching to teaching. Putting those years of experience to literary use he provides a fast-paced tale of the dark side of college basketball recruiting and coaching, setting his tale at a small fictitious university in southern Arizona. []

Miss Illegal Alien Beauty Pageant
By Frank De La Cruz. . 124 pp. .
An over-the-top spoof of a pageant set in Tucson, Arizona, in which the narrator (who was also the announcer/moderator of the pageant) drifts verbally downward until he is finally faced with an audience that wants only to see the end. []

Moon Saw It All, The
By Nancy L. Young. Little Five Star . 39 pp. $11.95.
Top Pick
Another beautifully illustrated picture book written by Nancy L. Young and art work by Nadia Komorova. This story is set in a desert creek bed at night with all of the desert critters joining in for dancing and singing. 'Porcupines whistled with quails all abristle, roadrunners tap-danced in-between.' is one page showing us roadrunners poised to tap dance. Delightful. []

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