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Lady at the O.K. Corral: The True Story of Josephine Marcus Earp
By Ann Kirschner. Harper. 289 pp. Index. $27.99.
Kirschner performs an amazing feat of historical sleuthing as she separates fact from fiction in this first detailed biography of the Jewish actress who won the heart of one of the Old West's iconic lawmen. Readers are in for a treat as she paints a vibrant portrait of the vivacious Josephine and chronicles the adventures she shared with her common-law husband in frontier boomtowns, the Alaska goldfields, and Hollywood backlots. More than just a story of ambition and romance, "Lady at the O.K. Corral" is a riveting tale of lives lived large and of how legends are made. []
In this engaging recreation of the life of Wyatt Earp's mistress of nearly fifty years, once Victorian literature scholar, now university dean, Ann Krischner does more than sketch a biography; she draws a full, rich portrait of life in the wild and treasure- hungry West. Kirschner injects a personal, lively voice into her narrative. []

Las Sombras/The Shadows
By Kate Breakey. University of Texas Press. 168 pp. $75.00.
Tucson-based photographer Kate Breakey has an unusual approach to photography. She finds dead animals and poses them on large sheets of film for contact prints, or “photograms.” Though this sounds a bit ghoulish, the images reveal shadows of their former selves, so to speak. The result is memorable. Here we have 99 full-page plates of birds, lizards, a coyote and an armadillo, cottontails, a tarantula, and other Southwest animals that now “live on” in a book. []

Lawless Breed, A: John Wesley Hardin, Texas Reconstruction, and Violence in the Wild West
By Norman Wayne Brown, Chuck Parsons. University of North Texas Press. 490 pp. $29.95.
It what might best be described as a researcher's delight, the authors cull through a mound of sources, old and new, to separate fact from fiction in the life and legend of one of the Old West's most notorious gunmen, who was himself gunned down in a El Paso saloon in 1895. Serious lawman and outlaw enthusiasts, in particular, will applaud the meticulous attention to detail and relish the dozens of rare photographs depicting Hardin's family, friends, and enemies. []

Leaving Tinkertown
By Tanya Ward Goodman. University of New Mexico Press. 232 pp. $19.95.
Top Pick
The Tinkertown Museum beckons travelers from its perch on the Sandia Mountains outside of Albuquerque to come marvel at the memorabilia, miniatures, and folk-arty oddities that were created and gathered by carnival painter Ross Ward over the course of 40 years. Ward is the subject of this memoir, lovingly written by daughter Tanya Ward Goodman who cared for him from the time he was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s at age 55 until his death six years later. Her no-holds-barred account paints a vivid portrait of a free-spirited artist-- eccentric, unpredictable, and non-conforming to his core, simultaneously a stubborn man and an affectionate father. Goodman, who grew up in the unconventional surroundings of Tinkertown, is a graceful writer and she exhibits a clear-sightedness and humor (unexpected in an Alzheimer’s memoir) that nuances--but in no way diminishes--the daily frustrations and underlying tragedy that are the portion of a family caring for a patient with dementia. []

Legend of Ponciano Gutierrez and the Mountain Thieves, The
By A. Gabriel Melendez. University of New Mexico Press. 40 pp. $18.95.
Top Pick
A story taken from a New Mexican legend of the Silva gang in the 1880s-1890s. Ponciano is a farmer who meets up with a gang in the Sangre de Cristo mountains while on his way to the bank in Santa Fe. He out-tricks the gang and ends up leading all of them to the sheriff's office. Told in English and Spanish with wood block style illustrations. I liked the story and I usually don't go much for folk tales. I recommend this one! []

Love By Drowning
By . El Leon Literary Arts. 396 pp. $24.95.

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