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Georgia O'Keeffee in Texas: A Guide
By John T. Becker, Paul H. Carlson. State House Press. 131 pp. Index. $19.95.
Focused on O’Keeffe’s few years in Texas early in her life, this brief account includes short sections about key events and persons (such as Paul Strand and Leah Harris). Reprinted is a 1983 essay about the influence of the Texas Panhandle on her work. The authors have identified fewer than 30 O’Keeffe works at museums in Texas, the largest number, as might be expected, at the Amon Carter in Fort Worth. A slender, but worthwhile, addition to the huge body of literature about the person who is arguably the best known “southwestern” artist. []
While this short account of O’Keeffe’s four years in Amarillo, Canyon, and Waring, Texas (1914 – 18) is informative and suitably documented, it’s a bit oddly balanced, repetitive, and devoid of what you’d hope to see in a book on one of America’s most significant female artists—photos of her art. Texas Tech History Emeritus Carlson and Librarian Becker have provided context for her Texas years, a full biography, and some discussion of the Modernist movement. They’ve included chapters on significant relationships in O’Keeffe’s life. A long John F. Mathews essay adds an art-critical perspective to the historians’ take, but his bio of her is redundant. []

Get Serious: New and Selected Poems
By Jefferson Carter. Chax Press. 84 pp. $15.00.
Top Pick
Filled with fun as well as thoughtful innuendo, Carter’s poetry is not geographical per se but is informed (if you will) by his 60+ year residence in Tucson, Arizona. And so...we are not surprised when a poem titled “An Apology for Wannabes” begins “Not one Apache/in the audience/listening to the/bearded white man/tell stories/about Cochise.” Wonderful humor, terrific images, hardly a rhyme in sight. []

Ghost Medicine: An Ella Clah Novel
By Aimee Thurlo, David Thurlo. Forge Books. 320 pp. $24.99.
The Ella Clah mysteries (this is number 17) are no longer the exciting blend of Navajo culture and police-procedural they once were. In this latest, yet another tale involving the evil spirits known to traditional Navajos as skinwalkers, Ella is joined by investigator Dan Nez as they try to sort out reality from mythology. Many “asides” about history and tradition slow the reader. []

GQ GQ. Where Are You? Adventures of a Gambel's Quail
By Sharon I. Ritt. Little Five Star. 38 pp. $14.95.
I love the soft watercolor illustrations of Nadia Komorova who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia.
I didn't care for the constant repetitve verses in the story line though.
Perhaps this book would make a better song than an actual book for kids. []

Grandma's Santo On Its Head: Stories of Days Gone By in Hispanic Villages of New Mexico
By Nasario Garcia. University of New Mexico Press. 152 pp. $24.95.
This charming bilingual collection reveals customs, traditions, superstitions, and beliefs through the stories of village people in the pre-WW II Rio Puerco Valley of north-central New Mexico. Told in the first-person, as if simply chatting with his audience, folklorist, poet and fiction writer García incorporates his own family into accounts of such events as curing the Evil Eye and ending drought by punishing a saint. He also lets various villagers tell their real-life conflicting versions of encountering La Llorona. []

Great Cruelties Have Been Reported: The 1544 Investigation of the Coronado Expedition
By Richard Flint. University of New Mexico Press. 647 pp. $60.00.

Great Texas Wind Rush, the: How George Bush, Ann Richards, and a Bunch of Tinkerers Helped the Oil and Gast State Win the Race to Wind Power
By Kate Galbraith, Asher Price. University of Texas Press. 209 pp. Index. $24.95.

Gunpowder Tea
By , Magaret Brownley. Thomas Nelson, Inc. 336 pp. $15.99.

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