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Bone Horses
By Lesley Poling-Kempes. La Alameda Press. 353 pp. $20.00.
Mystery and romance converge in this evocative story of a school teacher who visits the small northern New Mexico town where her grandfather unearthed fossils and where her mother met a suspicious death. Poling-Kempes beautifully captures the landscape and spirit of New Mexico's high country, seamlessly blending mysticism and human longing to demonstrate that, indeed, home is where the heart is. []
The title makes sense once we understand that the central character is the granddaughter of a famous archaeologist. Her visit to the small New Mexico town near the site of his discovery opens vistas to a family past she was only vaguely aware of. Poling-Kempes is an excellent writer. Readers wanting a leisurely and enjoyable tale that brings the past and the present together will find this book perfectly suited to their tastes. []

Border is Burning, The
By Ito Romo. University of New Mexico Press. 104 pp. $21.95.
Top Pick
Outstanding! About a dozen short pieces, not stories per se, but life, on the border. There are no innocent people, there is no “normal” life–normal is for fairytales. Enjoyable reading that is finished much too soon. []

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