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Baja California Missions: In the Footsteps of the Padres
By David Burckhalter. University of Arizona Press. 184 pp. Index. Foreword by Bernard L. Fontana. University of Arizona Southwest Center Series. $24.95.
Top Pick
More than 100 excellent color photographs (by author Burckhalter and Mina Sedgwick) supplement the fine text. The authors visited all eight of the still-functioning missions, from San Borja in Baja California Norte to San Luis Gonzaga, the southernmost, near Loreto in Baja California Sur. Photographs include both interiors and exteriors and, in one case, a group photo of a crew working on restoration at Santa Rosalia. Text are straightforward historical accounts mixed with contemporary descriptions. Fine book. []
Baja California Missions is part coffee table art-and-architecture book, part travel account, part guide book, and a little 17th and 18th century history. David Bruckhalter and Mina Sedgwick present the eight Spanish missions remaining on the peninsula where Roman Catholic missionaries established thirty-four missions to “conquer, congregate, and convert” Baja’s four indigenous tribes. The missions were abandoned after more than 90 percent of the population perished from European-introduced disease, but the stone buildings survive. Bruckhalter and Sedgwick’s photographs are hauntingly beautiful--from landscapes through exterior and interior architectural shots, to details of the baroque altars, statuary, and art; they capture caretakers, restorers, participants in festivals, even Sedgwick herself. The book offers maps and directions for reaching the sites by car; it invites a road trip. []

Big Water, Little Boats: Moulty Fulmer and the First Grand Canyon Dory on the Last of the Wild Colorado River
By Tom Martin. Vishnu Temple Press. 240 pp. Index. $24.95.
Finding history is almost as much fun as making history, and this book has both. Author Tom Martin skillfully tells the long-lost story of the man who revolutionized boating on the mighty Colorado and San Juan rivers with his specially designed wooden dory. The book is a delight of river adventures, personalities, lore, and color photos from the 1940s and ‘50s. To the names of river pioneers Norm Nevills, Dock Marston, Pat Reilly, and Georgie White, we can add the name of Moulty Fulmer, boat builder and river runner. []

Bone Horses
By Lesley Poling-Kempes. La Alameda Press. 353 pp. $20.00.
Mystery and romance converge in this evocative story of a school teacher who visits the small northern New Mexico town where her grandfather unearthed fossils and where her mother met a suspicious death. Poling-Kempes beautifully captures the landscape and spirit of New Mexico's high country, seamlessly blending mysticism and human longing to demonstrate that, indeed, home is where the heart is. []
The title makes sense once we understand that the central character is the granddaughter of a famous archaeologist. Her visit to the small New Mexico town near the site of his discovery opens vistas to a family past she was only vaguely aware of. Poling-Kempes is an excellent writer. Readers wanting a leisurely and enjoyable tale that brings the past and the present together will find this book perfectly suited to their tastes. []

Border is Burning, The
By Ito Romo. University of New Mexico Press. 104 pp. $21.95.
Top Pick
Outstanding! About a dozen short pieces, not stories per se, but life, on the border. There are no innocent people, there is no “normal” life–normal is for fairytales. Enjoyable reading that is finished much too soon. []

Brewing Arizona: A Century of Beer in the Grand Canyon State
By . University of Arizona Press. 360 pp. Index. $39.95.
If there is a beer drinker on your gift-giving list this could be the perfect answer to the old what-to-buy question. Sipos provides much more than superficial historical coverage and adds to a detailed text more than 100 colorful illustrations. They show us everything from labels and people to breweries and transportation. You can browse this volume for hours while you enjoy taste-testing the latest from your favorite microbrewer. []

Bringing Back the Game: Arizona Wildlife Management/1912-1962
By David E. Brown. Arizona Game and Fish Department. 96 pp. No ISBN.. $19.95.

By All Accounts: General Stores and Community Life in Texas and Indian Territory
By Linda English. University of Oklahoma Press. 268 pp. Index. $29.95.

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