Ann Dickinson's Childrens/Teens Picks

Camille Carries the Mail
A cute picture book set in the mid 1800s in Arizona. Camille is a camel who works carrying mail across the desert. Based on true events when the government bought 75 camels for possible use for haulage and transportation. I liked the story line and the illustrations(Carlos Lemos).
Legend of Ponciano Gutierrez and the Mountain Thieves, The
A story taken from a New Mexican legend of the Silva gang in the 1880s-1890s. Ponciano is a farmer who meets up with a gang in the Sangre de Cristo mountains while on his way to the bank in Santa Fe. He out-tricks the gang and ends up leading all of them to the sheriff's office. Told in English and Spanish with wood block style illustrations. I liked the story and I usually don't go much for folk tales. I recommend this one!
Moon Saw It All, The
Another beautifully illustrated picture book written by Nancy L. Young and art work by Nadia Komorova. This story is set in a desert creek bed at night with all of the desert critters joining in for dancing and singing. 'Porcupines whistled with quails all abristle, roadrunners tap-danced in-between.' is one page showing us roadrunners poised to tap dance. Delightful.
Un-Common Raven, The: One Smart Bird
A well researched and well written children's book about ravens.
This book includes facts about where ravens live - the Sonoran desert, their flight patterns, intelligence, curiosity. We learn about raven's characteristics including; they are toolmakers, scavengers, they mate for life,etc.
Written for school age children and includes index, glossary, and bibliography. Excellent choice for student research and grade school homework assignments.
Victor, the Reluctant Vulture
A beautifully illustrated picture book written for older children about Victor, a southwestern vulture who has some doubts about his role in life. He doesn't really want to be a vulture and would rather fly as a raptor, eagle or hawk. He tries hunting and keeps on crashing and colliding with other bird friends.
After a nightmare about stench filled carcasses and a visit from raptor bird friends who thank him for his job cleaning up carrion, Victor feels better and gets to work eating roadkill.

About Ann Dickinson

Dickinson is a children’s and teen librarian in the Collection Development Office of the Pima County Public Library. She has been working in the library field all of her adult life and loves reading children’s and teen books.

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