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Very Hairy Christmas, A
By Susan Lowell. Rio Chico . $15.95.
Top Pick
Juan, Josefina and José are three little javelinas waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve. They are baking him special spicy cookies! Santa comes down the chimney that night with a “Huff-Puff!,” then corrects himself, saying, “I mean - Ho-Ho-Ho. “ Santa samples the javelina gingerbread cookies and howls with a sneeze, a shriek and a siren, “Holy jalapeños!” as he munches into the chile pepper-spiced cookies. Smoke blows out of his ears and his fake beard and mustache fly off, revealing that he is actually a sly Coyote. “A very Hairy Christmas to All!” shouts Josefina Javelina as she gives Coyote a very hairy kiss. []

Virgin of Guadalupe, The: Art and Legend
By John Annerino. Gibbs Smith. 111 pp. Index. $21.99.
Top Pick
One of the enduring symbols of the Southwest is the Virgin of Guadalupe, who appears in paintings, statues, tapestries and stained glass windows in nearly every town and village. In a splendid array of color photographs, John Annerino brings us the mystique and the art as never before. His stories ring true, the pages are sumptuous, and both the art and legends will fascinate the curious and the faithful. This may be the most beautifully done Southwest book of 2012. []
The author has created a modestly-sized but lavish book focusing on the iconic Black Madonna. Art lovers, students of Mexican history and aficionados of southwestern lore will appreciate this bilingual volume, the largest part of which is given over to photos of various renditions of the Virgin throughout Mexico and the Southwest, some from private collections. The photos are often juxtaposed with famous quotes, such as the patriotic ‘Cry for Independence’ of Father Hidalgo. Annerino gets into the mood of reverence by virtue of his own experience witnessing miraculous stones in a rural Mexican community. This is a beautiful book. []

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