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Senorita Gordita
By Helen Ketteman. Albert Whitman & Company. $16.99.
Arana (the spider) is cooking gorditas and one jumps up running off crying "Oh, no Arana! I'm one fast gordita! You can't catch me!" She runs past Lagarto, Crotolo, Escorpion, Javelina, Coyote and up to Buho, an owl on top of a sahuaro. Buho cajoles Gordita to climb up into the sahuaro and he munches her into crumbs.
This vibrant picture book is a retellling of the gingerbread man but set in the Southwest surrounded by cactus, cowboy hats, arroyos and dust. It would be fun to read aloud to a group of kids. []

Shortage of Bodies, A
By Gary McKay. Amethyst Moon Publishing. 301 pp. $14.99.
When Jerry Morgan, the Sheriff of Desert County, AZ, opens a box left in his yard, he finds it contains small human fingers. And that is just the beginning! McKay, author of numerous professional publications, here takes a crack at fiction with mixed results. He nails the Southern Arizona desert setting, but the dialog of his characters sometimes makes the reader say to himself “No one would say that.” []

Skeleton Picnic, The
By Michael Norman. Poisoned Pen Press. 249 pp. $24.95.
Pot hunting, or stealing Native American artifacts, is the focus of this latest mystery that brings BLM Ranger J.D. Books and his friend, Sheriff Charley Sutter, together again. A couple of known pot-hunters have disappeared and their home has been ransacked. Many items from their “collection” are missing. Their trailer and other equipment are found abandoned near an archaeological ruin on the Arizona Strip. So begins this so-so mystery which follows a rather standard path involving the usual suspects as well as the usual conflicts between government agencies. []

So Damn Lucky
By Deborah Coonts. Forge. 381 pp. $24.99.
Welcome to Las Vegas, NV, for the third Lucky O’Toole adventure. Lucky, whom you may remember from two previous outings, is the PR person for a mega-resort appropriately named “The Babylon.” People always seem to be dying and/or disappearing within her area of responsibility! This is a pleasant read filled with wisecracks, nutty people and enough suspense to help you through a long airplane ride. []

Sofia and the Purple Dress / Sofia Y El Vestido Morado
By Diane Gonzales Bertrand. Pinata Books. $17.95.
A didactic bilingual children's picture book about a young girl named Sofia who wants to fit into a purple dress for her cousin's quinceanera. The dress doesn't fit so she must go on a diet and start exercising.
Amazingly the purple dress fits Sofia at the end of the story and everyone is happy. []

Soledad Crucifixion, The
By Nancy Wood. University of New Mexico Press. 325 pp. $21.95.
Top Pick
It’s circa 1897 in a remote Indian village in New Mexico’s Sangre Cristo Mountains. Priest Lorenzo Soledad has chosen to be crucified in order to save the primitive village from takeover by the government. The priest, tortured by doubt and conflicted between the teachings of the Church and the beliefs of the natives, is further agonized by the internal struggle of his lustful nature against his yearning for holiness. Cast out by the Church but yet not understood by the Indians, Soledad will eventually be canonized. Lyrical, mystical, original, irreverent, philosophical, and comical, this novel captures the essence of culture clashes in New Mexico.


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