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Men on the Heber-Reno Sheep Trail
By Cindy Shanks. Authorhouse. 52 pp. $20.29.

Educator and Children's author Shanks offers the fourth and final title in her series about the historic Heber-Reno Sheep Trail.
Mickey the Sheep Dog
By Cindy Shanks. AuthorHouse. $18.95.
Top Pick
In this charming picture book, Mickey, a border collie who works the sheep on the Heber-Reno sheep trail, tells the story of how he, his mom, dad and brothers herd 2000 sheep for 220 miles up to Greer, AZ, in the White Mountains. Mickey talks about his dad, Champ, who is hard working and very smart, Chispa, his mom, who is expecting puppies soon and his three brothers, Chochie, Duke and Azul. The journey to the White Mountains is a lengthy trip full of dust, rattlesnakes and cactus, but Mickey and his family push on and herd the sheep through fields, around fences and through gates to their destination. Mickey ends his story by saying, “We are strong… work hard… love our handlers and herders and they love us too.” Dog lovers will especially enjoy sharing Mickey’s adventures on the sheep trail. []

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