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Gods Without Men
By Hari Kunzru. Alfred A. Knopf. 384 pp. $26.95.
At one level this is well-written, carefully thought out science fiction. Spread across seven decades the events leading up to a dramatic conclusion should cause readers to ponder the place of humankind in a chaotic universe. The prominent setting is that “magical” place in the Mojave Desert known as The Pinnacles where, we can readily imagine, aliens from another galaxy might land and offer to share their knowledge with us! []
This novel is made up of a series of separate tales loosely connected over time, 1775-2009, and place, The Pinnacles in the Mohave Desert. It is contemporary with the financial crash of 2008, military training for success in Iraq, and a drug-addicted British rock star trying to escape pressures of fame; but also steeped in history with reference to Fray Garces’ explorations, Mormonism and mining in the 1870s, ethnological studies of the 1900s, and World War II paranoia over foreign infiltration. The main thread concerns an East Indian, his Jewish wife, and their autistic son who disappears at the Pinnacles and much later is found unharmed but changed. This is a creative, contemplative, literary achievement. []

Goldberg Variations
By Susan Isaacs. Scribner. 322 pp. $26.00.
Author of more than a dozen novels and other books, Isaacs misses badly in this attempt to show the interactions of an old and powerful business woman with her three grandchildren, all of whom are happy with the life they are leading. Even the Santa Fe setting fails to provide a reasonable backdrop. []

Growing Season, A
By Sue Boggio, Mare Pearl. University of New Mexico Press. 296 pp. $18.95.

Romance and chile farms along the Rio Grande from a rising writing team who know their characters and culture.
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