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Forty-Seventh Star: New Mexico's Struggle for Statehood
By David Holtby. University of Oklahoma Press. 362 pp. Index. $29.92.
Top Pick
New Mexico’s sixty-four year attempt to become a state is the subject of this well-researched and lively book. Included in the narrative are accounts of how various senators, particularly Albert J. Beveridge (Indiana) and Nelson W. Aldrich (Rhode Island), fought hard to keep the status quo, truly believing that New Mexico’s ethnic and native populations were not quite ready for the responsibilities of statehood. It was also felt that the New Mexico landscape was too “different” and sparsely populated to merit statehood. Despite resistance, New Mexico finally become the 47th state, on January 6, 1912, a little more than a month before Arizona, which had been denied statehood for many of the same reasons. []

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