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Clara and the Curandera / Clara y la curandera
By Monica Brown. Pinata Books. $16.95.
Clara is a grumpy little girl so her Mami says it's time to visit the curandera. The curandera recommends a new course of action for Clara, including giving away her toys, helping neighbors and reading more books. Her grumpiness vanishes and with only one setback Clara becomes a helpful, considerate little girl.

Come in and Cover Me
By Gin Phillips. Riverhead. 342 pp. $26.95.
At an archaeological dig in New Mexico a beautiful woman, haunted by her past, continues to be visited by spirits. As the excavation continues, she feels more and more connected to the ancient past. Over time both the recent past and the prehistoric past seem to converge around her. Smoothly written fiction for any reader with an interest in the timelessness of spirits. []

Country of the Bad Wolfes
By James Blake. Cinco Puntos Press. 456 pp. $16.95.
This episodic account of two sets of twins born in the same family but more than a generation apart in time, is Blake at his best. Duels, domestic intrigues, political and commercial shenanigans all combine with love and life and death to create escapist reading pleasure with some Texas and Rio Grande flavor.

Cowboy Christmas
By Rob Sanders. Golden Books. $10.99.
Top Pick
Christmas is coming to the desert but cowboys Dwight, Darryl and Dub are disheartened, wondering if Santy Claus will find them out on the range. Cookie tries to cheer the boys up by encouraging them to create a Christmas tree from a saguaro, to make their own cookies (which burn to a crisp in the frying pan), and to dress up the cows in antlers and bandanas to make them look like reindeer. None of this works very well. “Another day, another cow,” grumbles Darryl on Christmas morning as he and the boys head off to work. But when their day is done they go back to camp and see glowing lights and hear a jolly “HoHoHo!” This story is full of bright, colorful illustrations of an ethnically-diverse set of cowboys with comical looking animals.
Could a New Year’s Eve party be far off?

Cowboy Christmas, A
By Tom Van Dyke. Page Branch Publishing. $18.95.

A young man turned cowboy finds adventure, fortune and romance in the Arizona Territory in this seasonal tale. It is the third revised edition of this title and contains “additions and matters of fact.”
Coyote Under the Table, The/El coyote debajo de la mesa: Folk Tales Told in Spanish and English
By Joe Hayes. Cinco Puntos Press. 133 pp. $12.95.
A collection of ten classic Northern New Mexican folktales collected by the well known story teller, Joe Hayes.
Includes; 'The Tale of the Spotted Cat', 'The Little Snake', 'The Man Who Couldn't Stop Dancing and more retold by Hayes
Published by Cinco Puntos Press, an independent publisher from Texas. []

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