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Ballad of Gutless Ditch, The
By Katie Lee. Katydid Books and Music. 84 pp. $75.00.

In blank verse, but with plenty of variations, Lee tells of love and passion (they are not the same) in 19th century Arizona.
By Claire Vaye Watkins. Riverhead. 287 pp. $25.95.
These stories, ten of them, set in Nevada, have the impact of a hard punch to the stomach as Watkins’ characters seem to wander aimlessly, always wanting what they cannot possibly attain. This is terrific story-telling with a clear sense of place and, more importantly, a perfect eye for detail that reveals who we humans are, or at least think we are. []

Billy the Kid and Other Plays
By Rudolfo Anaya. University of Oklahoma Press. 382 pp. $24.95.
Anaya is best known for his many works both in fiction, non-fiction, and works for children. He is also a playwright and his works are performed regularly in New Mexico and throughout the world, according to his biography. In addition to "Billy the Kid," seven other plays are included in this collection. []
These one- and two-act plays will remind readers how good Anaya is with dialog (I’m thinking about his stellar short novel "Bless Me, Ultima"). In the title play here, for example, a cast of more than 30 characters have parts. Their dialog moves the story in two acts with Ash Upson (reputedly the author of the autobiography published by Pat Garrett) sitting in a corner as a dark observer of the action. Anaya’s introduction challenges readers to consider producing, directing, or acting in one of these efforts which, he says, have only been seen in New Mexico. []

Block Captain's Daughter, The
By Demetria Martinez. University of Oklahoma Press. 95 pp. $14.95.
As she has done in previous books such as "Breathing Between the Lines" and "Mother Tongue," Martinez presents individual characters in an Albuquerque setting. They interact in stories that are more vignettes than traditional narrative. For example, Maritza (who feels her English is not good enough) writes letters in English to her unborn baby girl so that she will enter the world better off than her mother. Excellent writing that is deceptively simple! []

Butterfly Moon: Short Stories
By Anita Endrezze. University of Arizona Press. 149 pp. $17.95.

A collection of stories that remind us of the human condition.
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