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Alfonso Grows Up on the Sheep Trail
By Cindy Shanks. Authorhouse. 37 pp. $18.99.
Top Pick
In this companion book to "Emily Walks the Sheep Trail" (Southwest Books of the Year Children’s Pick, 2010) Alfonso, a young burro in training to become a pack burro, is heading to the White Mountains with 2,000 sheep. As he travels through desert, forest, grass, wildflowers and aspen trees, Alfonso tells us about his experiences and what he sees along the trail, sharing his opinions and feelings as a young pack burro learning how to be a big guy. []

Amadito and the Hero Children: Amadito y los Ninos Heroes
By Enrique Lamadrid. University of New Mexico Press. 60 pp. $19.95.
Top Pick
This bilingual historical story starts with nine-year-old Amadito, who lives in New Mexico in 1918 during the deadly Spanish influenza epidemic, La Influenza Española. Amadito's mother vaccinates her younger children, using scabs gathered from the older children’s smallpox vaccinations. She then tells her children the story of their great-grandmother, who traveled around New Mexico with a group of children - Los Niños Heroes- to share their vaccinations against smallpox, the same way Amadito’s mother vaccinated her children. This is an excellent book for school-aged readers, based on actual events and information about illness, death and survival in the 1800s and early 1900s. []

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