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Gangster Tour of Texas
By T. Lindsay Baker. Texas A&M University Press. 384 pp. Index. $29.95.
Beginning with Bonnie in the 1930s and ending with the closing of Galveston casinos in 1957, T. Lindsay Baker leaves no stone unturned as he delves into some of the more notorious crimes in Texas. It is all there: murder, prohibition, smuggling, prostitution, money laundering, and narcotics. He did not stop after rigorously telling every detail of the various crimes, but provided photographs of individuals, their funerals and graves, their homes and businesses. That’s not all. A curious reader can follow the many maps and drive to all the scenes mentioned. []

Gift of the Desert Dog
By Robert L. Hunton. Open Books Press. $15.00.
Danny a 12 year old is swept down an arroyo into a mass of branches. He's tangled with a coyote in the branches and is able to free himself and the animal from the branches. Then, Danny goes on a quest to seek the spirits of his ancestors.

Glen Canyon Country, The: A Personal Memoir
By , Don D. Fowler. University of Utah Press. 424 pp. $39.95.
Top Pick
Part history book, part love letter, part autobiography, part science field trip, this magnificently-told book about Glen Canyon is archaeologist Don Fowler’s gift to posterity. He invites us into his camps and on his trips over the past half century, introducing us to old-timers, secret places, and unexplained wonders. The book jumps with life, humor and curiosity. The photos are especially clear and helpful. Fowler wanted to make the book a “biography of a place and of those who defined it and lived it.” He succeeds admirably. []

Glittering World, This
By . Kensington Books. 285 pp. $15.00.

Following the appearance of a beaten and dying Navajo man outside his Flagstaff home, and the subsequent encounter with the man’s sister, events unfold which cause protagonist Ben Bailey to question everything about his life and relationships.
Good Thief's Guide to Vegas, The
By Chris Ewan. Minotaur Books. 291 pp. $24.99.
Comic “whodunit?” “not me!” set in Las Vegas, NV. Charlie Howard, hustler and British citizen, after closing a deal on the East Coast heads for Vegas with his agent. She doesn’t think much of his books and they don’t make much money, but it’s Vegas, baby. When a star showgirl turns up dead in the bathtub of a star magician, and Charlie “liberates” lots of cash from the magician’s safe... Well, you can imagine. []

Grand Canyon, The: From Rim to River
By Caroline Cook, Jim Turner. Rio Nuevo Publishers. 62 pp. $9.95.
Here are sixty-two pages filled with grandiose scenes in Grand Canyon National Park including a map, a little on the geology – just enough to make one want to go there right away. My favorite is a photo of two brightly colored Collard Lizards basking on rock in the lower canyon. []

Great Grand Canyon Time Train, The
By Susan Lowell. Rio Nuevo Publishers. $15.95.
Sam, Rosie and their parents take a train trip on the Grand Canyon railway. As they arrive at the depot they start seeing people from the past like John Wesley Powell and the Harvey Girls. As the story goes along it's journey the train is now called the Grand Canyon Time Train. The train tunnels through layers of igneous rock through time to see trilobites, dragonflies and dinosaurs.
A light adventure story for the early grades. []

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