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Damage Control
By J. A. Jance. William Morrow. 374 pp. $25.95.
Joanna Brady doesn't have much time to spend with her new baby since a car flew over a cliff under suspicious circumstances ending the life of an elderly couple. Then there are the siblings who fight over an inheritance, some mysterious drugs, a trash bag filled with human remains, a missing person, and her interfering mother. As has been said before, it is just another week in the life of Bisbee's favorite sheriff. []

Death Song: a Kevin Kerney Novel
By Michael McGarrity. Dutton. 293 pp. . $24.95.
Santa Fe police chief Kevin Kerney is only weeks away from retirement when the assassination of a Lincoln County deputy and his pregnant wife put him on the trail of a brutal killer. Fans of McGarrity's popular police procedurals will appreciate Kerney's evolving family relationships that include his half-Apache son, also a police officer, and his concern for his wife, a wounded Iraq war veteran, and their young child. McGarrity has clearly hit his stride in this solidly plotted eleventh outing for the iconic New Mexico lawman and leaves readers wondering what's next as Sheriff Kerney prepares to hang up his badge and depart for England. []

Delivery Man, The
By Joe McGinniss, Jr.. Black Cat. 276 pp. . $14.00.
Summer in Las Vegas, Nevada; hot, getting hotter. Chase and Michelle, childhood friends and sometime lovers, now twenty-somethings. She's a high-paid call girl with ambtions to be rich. He's a college grad with no ambition and a pregnant fiance in NYC. A grim and believeable portrait of an angst-filled new "lost generation." []

Desert Cut: a Lena Jones Mystery
By Betty Webb. Poisoned Pen Press. 277 pp. . $24.95.
Off to southeastern Arizona (think Cochise County) to scout possible movie locations with her sometime Hollywood lover Scottsdale P.I. Lena Jones cannot “just go away” after they discover the body of a child partly buried in the desert. The entire town of Los Perdidos seems intent on blocking her investigation, including an uncooperative sheriff and various public figures who do not want any dirty little secrets aired. Webb gets better and better with dialog each outing and this plot will keep even the most cynical reader paying attention. []

Desert Eternal, The: Words and Images
By Connie Spittler, Robert Spittler. 79 pp. .
Personal essays are mixed with photos by the author’s husband to portray their love of the Sonoran Desert and Catalina Mountains near Tucson, Arizona. Like many who buy homes on the edge of the desert, they have fallen under its enchanting spell. They are living proof that people and wildlife can share and enjoy the same beautiful landscape. []

Dirty Girls on Top: a Novel
By Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez. St. Martin's Press. 324 pp. $24.95.

Disappearing Desert: the Growth of Phoenix and the Culture of Sprawl
By Janine Schipper. University of Oklahoma Press. 144 pp. Index. $19.95.

A study of different types of development in the Phoenix area explores the cultural basis of suburban sprawl and environmental loss.
Distant Bugles, Distant Drums: The Union Response to the Confederate Invasion of New Mexico
By Flint Whitlock. University Press of Colorado. 293 pp. Index. . $22.95.

Do You Know the Cucuy? = Conoces al Cucuy?
By Claudia Galindo, Jonathan Coombs. Pinata Books. $$15.96.

After hearing her grandfather's tales about the Cucuy, a bogeyman who kidnaps bad children, a girl meets him and makes a new friend.
Dolly & Zane Grey: Letters from a Marriage
By Lina Elise Grey, Zane Grey, Candace C. Kant. University of Nevada Press. 437 pp. $34.95.
Readers of Tom Pauly's biography of the iconic western writer (SWBOY Pick 2005) are aware that Grey was a compulsive philanderer whose affairs his wife tolerated and even helped conceal. This fascinating collection of letters provides an intimate, unvarnished account of an unconventional marriage and business partnership based on complementary strengths, mutual love, and (at least on Dolly's part)steely determination and perseverance. Zane Grey, meanwhile, pretty much redefines ordinary concepts of self-absorption and self-indulgence. []

Double or Nothing: How Two Friends Risked it All to Buy One of Las Vegas' Legendary Casinos
By Tom Breitling, Cal Fussman. Collins. 243 pp. . $24.95.
This is a well-written, even sprightly account of how Breitling and Tim Poster became friends starting with Tim’s offer to pay for lunch when he realized his fellow student was shocked by the cost of an $8 sandwich. How they eventually came to own the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas will be an exciting read for poker players, but those in search of understanding the phenomenon that IS Las Vegas must look elsewhere. []

Dying to Live: a Story of U.S. Immigration in an Age of Global Apartheid
By Joseph Nevins, Mizue Aizeki. Open Media/City Lights Books. 255 pp. $16.95.

By focusing on the plight of one Mexican border crosser, this book puts a human face and absorbing story on the tragedy of illegal immigration from Mexico into the U.S.
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