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The best way to raise successful children is to encourage family read-aloud time early in a child's life.

Help us get books into the hands of families that need them most by dropping off your gently used children's books at any of our libraries.

Books donated to branches, as well as schools and businesses around Tucson, will be made available, along with early literacy pamphlets and other materials, to families in order to encourage early literacy through the Blue Book House program.

Why Read Aloud?

A healthy child is one that is read to every day. It is in the early stages of a child's life that the brain develops and acquires learning skills that will be used throughout life.

Brain cells form connections primarily through experience. Every time a parent or caregiver interacts with an infant or toddler, connections are formed. Positive interactions with nurturing caregivers - like the attention children receive when they are read to - profoundly stimulate young brains. This stimulation causes new connections to form neural pathways (or "learning pathways") and strengthens existing ones.

Exposure to oral language provides a great opportunity to stimulate those areas of the brain that are most needed for the development of oral language and literacy skills. When reading is done in a positive way, the connections made in the brain form positive connections that stay with the child. The child associates reading with something positive and fun. They begin a lifelong love of reading.

Why Books?

Singing, reading, or sharing books exposes children to a richer vocabulary and a broader base of ideas than everyday speech. Even though they may not be actually reading, the young child is hearing unusual words and beginning to understand the flow of sentences.


The program is sponsored by the Pima County Public Library, Make Way for Books and Reach Out and Read of Southern Arizona.

More Information

Visit Make Way for Books for more information about the program and where to find a Blue Book House.

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