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Books & Authors
The Vicious Deep The Trench The New Annotated H. P. Lovecraft Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters
Staff List
Sea Monsters: Your Friends and Mine

In the news last week: the Loch Ness Monster is probably a giant catfish. Visit this list to explore the depths of the cryptid fascination!

recommended by PimaLib_ErikaJ

Uprooted Graceling Swan Sister White as Snow
Staff List
While You Wait for Uprooted

Waiting for your hold to come in on the new Naomi Novik novel? Or did you finish it already and want something similar? Immerse yourself in …

recommended by PimaLib_JB

the show i'll never forget book jacket
The Show I'll Never Forget
By PimaLib_RhythmAndNews

Not long ago, I came across this wonderful book while I working at the Golf Links Library. It is must reading for any type of music buff, a……

The 36-hour Day An Unintended Journey 100 Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Alzheimer's and Age-related Memory Loss Slow Dancing With A Stranger
Staff List
Memory Loss

Whether you are caring for someone with memory loss or your own memory is starting to slip, PCPL has resources to help you.

recommended by PimaLib_SarahB

E. L. Doctorow at the PEN American Literary Awards 2014
Music in Words: E. L. Doctorow
By PimaLib_JB

E. L. Doctorow, one of my favorite authors of literary and historical fiction, passed away July 22nd, at the age of 84. …

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Library Worker Keeps the Wheels Turning

If you haven’t heard the story about the professional truck driver who works at the library, it goes something like this.

Thirteen Reasons Why: Teen Take

Video book trailer by teens, for teens! That's My Take lets teens work with professional mentors to create short films about books.

Interactive Map of Literary Road Trips

OMG, this is so cool! "It includes every place-name reference in 12 books about cross-country travel," including On the Road and Wild.

Making wishes come true at the library
By PimaLib_WilliamB

Pima County Public Library would like to thank six-year-old 'Honorary Librarian' Maren, her family and the Make-A-Wish Foundation…

Staff List
Not that kind of trekker: Journeys, ques…

Treks of the mind, body, and spirit make up this list. Find these items at PCPL and discover life altering journeys ranging from a romantic …

recommended by PimaLib_AmyB

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Kids & Families
Staff List
Are You Ready for Kindergarten? - Pictur…

The first day of school is a milestone for kids. Here are a few books and one websites, collected by PCPL children's librarians, that will h…

recommended by PimaLib_MaureenK

Learning to Share? Try Bears on Chairs!
By PimaLib_RobinG

Counting! Rhyming! Bears on Chairs! There is a lot to like about Bears on Chairs. This book combines Shirley Parenteau's bouncy, presch…

Camp Google: Online Summer Camp

Are the kids bored? With a few clicks of the mouse they can enter outer space, dive to the bottom of an ocean, or explore a volcano.

Staff List
What would Annabeth Read?

Annabeth Chase has survived a lot with Percy, Jason, Piper, Leo, and the rest of the Heroes of Olympus. Here's what I think she'd be readin…

recommended by PimaLib_MaryE

Some Storytimes take a summer break

Check here for a list of regularly scheduled Storytimes that will take a break.…

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Beyond Books
sly and the family stone promo photo
They Want to Take You Higher
By PimaLib_RhythmAndNews

Perhaps some Tucsonans caught The Family Stone here in town when they played the Fox Theater as part of the "Hippie Fest" in early…

tji concord combo in concert
Cool Jazz on A Hot Afternoon with the TJ…
Aug 1st | 3:00pm - 4:00pm

The Friends of the Kirk-Bear Canyon Library invite you to cool off with the TJI Concord Combo. The combo, a small group of accomplished studen…

The Tesseract A.I. Artificial Intelligence Under the Skin Under the Skin
Staff List
While You're Waiting to Watch Ex Machina

We do a lot of "read-alike" lists, but what about "watch-alike" lists for movies with a lot of holds? If you're waiting to see Ex Machina, o…

recommended by PimaLib_JB

image of the i love my library sticker
Library Love: Customers appreciate Quinc…
By PimaLib_JustForFun

Quincie Douglas Library customers send awesome thank you notes like this to the staff:"Aaron the page was fantastic with me today at th…

Kate-Bush-The-Sensual-World- album cover
Kate Bush: Dream pop alternative rock
By PimaLib_RhythmAndNews

I first discovered Kate Bush through my mother when I was about seven years old. Having been a child with an extremely overactive imagination, I wa…

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¡Descubre tu biblioteca!
Sin puertas visibles Caminos y cantares Los mandaderos de la lluvia y otros poemas de América Latina Poesía completa
Staff List
Savor the Spanish Language in Poetry

Spanish is a language meant for poetry. Remind yourself of the beauty of the Spanish language with the works of these poets available at PC…

recommended by PimaLib_PamP

screenshot of new titles page with Spanish selected in the language dropdown
Buscar nuevos títulos

Nuevo y disponibles en breve: libros en español.

Rumbo al Hermoso Norte book cover
Catalog Search
Rumbo al Hermoso Norte

Nayeli es una chica de diecinueve años que trabaja en una taquería de tres Camarones, un poblado mexicano.

Jumping high at a Storytime
Hora de Cuentos Familiar Bilingüe
¡Muchos lugares!

La hora de cuentos familiar bilingüe es una experiencia educativa en los dos idiomas para niños bilingües y monolingües de todas edades.

1001 ideas para cuidar al bebé El mejor comienzo Ser padres con amor y lógica Guía de supervivencia para mamás
Staff List
Como entender y criar a los niñ@s

¿Usted tiene un nuevo bebé en su vida? Aquí les tengo una lista de libros sobre como entender y criar a los niñ@s. ¡Encuentre estos libros e…

recommended by PimaLib_RachelW

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Business, Jobs, and Nonprofits
Fab graphics tools for Facebook pages
By PimaLib_LisaB

How to look like you can afford a designer on social media…

Staff providing Job Help to a customer
Get Job Help
Many locations!

Need help searching for a job? Writing a resume? Creating an email account? Navigating the internet? Visit the library for free help!

image of the i love my library sticker
Library Love: Job Help works
By PimaLib_JustForFun

"I have been looking for a job for over 6 months. I just want to express how grateful I am for Dan with job help. He has been so so hel…

Working on a small business
Starting a New Business? Here's How!

Licenses? Permits? Fees? The City of Tucson wants to help you start a business. Here are the basics. Get the information you need right now.

Happy library customer reading a book
Keeping Motivated in Your Job Search

The longer you look for a job, the tougher it becomes. Feeling discouraged? Check out these ways to stay motivated in your job search.

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does my head look big in this book jacket
Catalog Search
Find Summer Reads in the New Catalog!

These are the top books tagged "summer reading" in our new catalog. Do you agree? Tag your favorites too!

Getting Started With Minecraft Block City Craft Projects for Minecraft and Pixel Art Fans Minecraft for Dummies
Staff List
Minecraft and Reading: Two Things PCPL L…

Here is a list of PCPL's best Minecraft books including everything from the creation of Minecraft to finding the best mods. If you enjoy pla…

recommended by PimaLib_JusdinaNB

Various types of dice, like the ones used for Dungeons & Dragons
How do you roll?

Strength, wisdom, dexterity, intelligence, constitution, and charisma. Roll your character and play Dungeons & Dragons at the library.

Catalog cover Image
Community Choice
Pieces of Georgia
By Jennifer Bryant

I thought this was a nice light read about a young teen girl that has a lot on her plate and how she copes and matures.

shared by Zoroastar

Ashfall Ashen Winter Sunrise Life as We Knew It
Staff List
YA Disaster Novels that Rival Summer Mov…

Summer blockbusters generally contain at least one big disaster movie with over-the-top special effects and action. Teens can experience a …

recommended by PimaLib_Teens

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Digital Media
image of the i love my library sticker
Library Love: Himmel Park Library volunt…
By PimaLib_JustForFun

Himmel Park Library received this lovely thank you note in the suggestion box."I want to thank the library and folks who came up with t…

one direction no control single cover
Staff List
Recommended by Teens....Great Songs Foun…

Teen volunteers found these great songs (and many more) available for free on the PCPL website! Get your free songs at Freegal.

recommended by PimaLib_Teens

speech bubble with different languages
Learn a language with your library card!
By PimaLib_AskALibrarian

While we're sorry to see Mango go, we're excited to offer you a new language learning tool - Pronunciator!…

image of the i love my library sticker
Library Love: A million thank yous
By PimaLib_JustForFun

"OH boy, it works!! There is a (completely invisible) left bottom button that gives me access to everything I wanted and more. Thanks s…

class using ipads at Sahuarita Public Library
E-Library Help

What's the difference between our eBook services? How do you return an eBook early? Find the answers to your digital FAQs here!

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Local Interest
American flag, USA flag
Online Resource
Find Your Elected Officials

Pick up a copy of A Citizen's Directory of Elected Officials at your library. Know your city, county, tribal, state, and national leaders!

seed screen checkout card
Seed Cleaning Screens, Check Them Out!
By PimaLib_SeedLibrary

Hello Seedfolks! The Seed Library now has seed cleaning screens available for you to check-out with your library card. Here’s what you need……

The Fourth Wife Lazy B The Dog Stars Girlchild
Staff List
PCPL's Random Road Trip through the Sout…

Hit the road and wander aimlessly through a few Southwestern states and the Mexican borderlands by way of this motley collection of fiction …

recommended by PimaLib_StephanieM

How to Grow A School Garden Edible Schoolyard It's Our Garden Ripe for Change
Staff List
Sprouting A School Garden

School gardens are sprouting up all over. Here's a list of resources to help get you started. Compiled by the PCPL Seed Library.

recommended by PimaLib_SeedLibrary

seed library forum picture from the university of arizona's southwest center
International Seed Library Forum Videos
By PimaLib_SeedLibrary

Did you miss out on attending the First International Seed Library Forum?  Well, never fear. We will bring you up to date on many of the to……

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